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At Future Link, you can earn commission by introducing new customers to the affiliate products offered by our partner companies. However, in order for you to get the most out of your affiliate activities, it is essencial that the products we offer are attractive. In this respect, we have chosen to partner with companies in the online gaming industry.

The "online gaming" industry, which includes such services as online sportsbetting or online casinos, is an astonishingly growing industry world wide. The industry size as a whole is said to be over 40 billion US dollars, and is growing year on year. That means, more and more players are playing on online gaming websites, every year. As you can probably imagine, such an industry environment is ideal for affiliates.


The online gaming industry also has a unique method of rewarding its affiliates. When an affiliate introduces a new player to an online gaming website, the affiliate can receive commission as a percentage of the revenues generated from that player. But that's not all, the commission is calculated on the revenues generated from that player, throughout their lifetime! That means, if the player keeps on playing, you will receive commission every time that player plays.


Future Link has chosen it's affiliate product parters based on strict criteria. The online gaming websites that are offered as affiliate products, not only provide top level services and attractive games, but also provide attractive affiliate commission percentages and stable operation. Both of these factors are key to the success of affiliates.


Betnow is a global brand offering an online sportsbetting service. Players are able to bet on the outcome of a large number of sporting events. Betnow offers a variety of betting types and methods, as well as attractive odds, using one of the best platforms in the industry.

247Bet is an established online casino brand and service, offering such games as slot games, table games, and live dealer games. 247Bet is known for its attractive campaigns and bonus offerings, as well as its multi-device state-of-the-art casino platform.

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