The Future Link Service and Functions

By becoming a member of Future Link, you are eligible to receive commission from revenues generated by people you introduce to our website or our partner websites. Use your social network page, blogs, and word of mouth to start introducing

Our Affiliate Servive Offers




Economy Class


Commission from Level 1 only

Business Class


Commission from Level 1 to Level 3

First Class


Commission from Level 1 to Level 15

Upgrade to First Class


NOTE: All memberships shall be automatically renewed every 2 years. No renewal fee is required.

Simple Management Screen

The Future Link management screen interface is simple and easy to use. The system provides all of the functions and reports you need to start and manage your affiliate activities.

Track Your Commission Status

Our commission reports allow you to track and analyze the daily progress of your affiliate activities, giving you insight into the results of your promotions.

Manage you Sub-Level Affiliates

View the progress of your sub-level affiliates, and encourage them to succeed. By having more of you sub-level affiliates active, you have a higher chance of increasing your commission.

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