What is an Affiliate?

By becoming an "Affiliate" member of Future Link, you are eligible to receive commission from revenues generated by people you introduce to our website or our partners' websites. Use your social network page, blogs, and word of mouth to start introducing. We provide a state of the art system that tracks the people you introduce, calculating the revenues generated and the commission you earn.

Wanna Start Affiliating with Us?

Our Unique Affiliate Program Makes It Easy

Various Methods of Introduction

Use your social media page, blogs, or simply introduce by word of mouth. As soon as you introduce people to our website or our partner websites, you can earn commission from any revenues generated by the people you introduce.

Increase Your Chances of Earning Commission

The more people you introduce, the more chances you have of earning a higher commission. Our affiliate program allows you to earn more and more commission through sub-level affiliate members you introduce, who actively promote our partner websites.

Secure Platform

Our state of the art system provides a stable and secure way to affiliate and earn commission.

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